Safeguarding Your Marriage

Safeguarding Your Marriage

Marriage is an institution that seems to be losing ground in terms of the longevity department. Marrying someone nowadays does not always result in happily ever after. May couples end up separating or in divorce court after a few years. It becomes rare for people to make marriage a lifelong commitment.

Safeguarding one’s marriage becomes an even more challenging prospect. But it is not impossible. People can still stay married to the same person if they know how to take care of the relationship. Here are some important tips to consider.

Show your appreciation to your partner all the time.

In a marriage, love alone is not enough. Saying “I Love You” to a partner all the time just does not cut it. You also need to remember to show your appreciation in different tangible ways. In short, show your appreciation by doing something, not just by saying it all the time. Showing your appreciation can help maintain that emotional connection to each other.

Marriage is not a 50/50 deal.

Many couples think that marriage is a partnership that requires an equal distribution of responsibilities and tasks. It is not just a 50/50 setup. In reality, a marriage requires 100 percent effort from each partner to become successful. It is giving your all to the marriage at all times. The problem is that perceptions can differ when it comes to what that 100 percent may be. Some partners may see one’s all out effort as just less than what he or she gives to the relationship. but when each partner is genuinely doing each other’s best to keep the marriage successful, then it may not matter that much.

Give each other space.

Even though a marriage should keep couples together, giving each other space is just as important. Each partner has interests and dreams that they like to pursue. Partners in a successful marriage know how important it is to respect this and help each other by giving enough space to pursue individual ideals. It is not a reason to separate, but a show of respect towards each other’s feelings and wants. It requires a higher level of respect to allow each other some space, respect that each one will surely value and appreciate.


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