Signs Your Marriage Needs Help

shutterstock_151731941A marriage will not succeed if the couple does not strive to build up and maintain the relationship. It is a shared effort between two partners to make sure that the marriage continues to be strong. However, there are times when a couple may forget about this especially when they reset their priorities. One common instance is when they begin to have kids. A couple may then set their priorities to look after their kid’s welfare. There are times when they forget to take care of the marriage because of this. The relationship suffers in the process.

There are certain signs that come out when a marriage may be in trouble. Couples who are able to notice and correct the mistakes may be able to save the relationship before it suffers further. Here are some of the signs that may indicate a marriage in trouble.

Communication Breakdown

A serious sign of trouble to watch out for involves communication between couples. When a married couple reached a point where talking to each other has become a rare occurrence, it is a sign that the marriage may be in trouble. There may be no fighting involved. However, the prolonged silent treatment towards each other can lead to resentment and further problems in the relationship.

Fighting Over Finances

Money is one of the primary reasons of disagreements and conflicts between couples. It may be normal for couples to have disagreements over finances occasionally. But when it becomes a regular occurrence in the home, something may no longer be right. Trouble may be brewing. It may be time for the couple to talk to a therapist in order to help resolve all the money issues they both are facing.

Increasing Hostility

Couples whose idea of talking to each other has become more of a shouting match may be in trouble. When partners no longer find controlling their anger as essential, they may have already reached a boiling point. Their anger towards each other has increased and is demonstrated by their regular outbursts of hostility. Couples either need to talk the anger issues over objectively or they may need to seek some outside help to help resolve their problems.

Less Sex

Another possible sign of a marriage in trouble is when the couple engages in lesser activity inside the bedroom. Sex is an important part of a healthy marriage. It helps build the intimacy between partners and maintains the passion that the two have for each other. When sex is taken out of the equation, the marriage suffers. A diminished sex life between married couples may signal certain problems in the marriage that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


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