Spicing Up Your Sex Life

shutterstock_68340451Married couples go through a lot of challenges the longer their relationship lasts. That is just normal for any long-term relationship. The relationship can only survive if the couple tries to work on the many challenges together and with a united effort. One area where many couples need to work on after several years together is their sex life.

Time and age can affect a couple’s sex life. There will come a time when one partner may not always have the same interest at it as before. After several years, sex just becomes a duty for some couples that need to be done. There is no more spark in the activity, so to speak. When couples have reached such a point in their relationship, they need to do something in order to help add some spice into their sex life. Here are some tips that will help.

Do something new.

One of the reasons why sex becomes boring is when couples do the same thing over and over again. They make love the same way all the time that the couple can almost memorize every step. To bring some excitement back into sex, couples need to do something new and exciting. The missionary position is not the only sexual position available. There are other positions also worth trying out for a change. Doing something new or unexpected can help bring some spice back into your sex life.

Pretend it is your first time meeting.

Excitement is always high when you are doing something for the first time. It is the same with sex. If you feel that you are getting bored doing it with your husband or wife, doing it with someone else is a no-no. You can instead do some mental change-up. Try to pretend that it is your first time doing it with your husband or wife.  Try to imagine what it feels if you are doing it with your partner for the first time all over again. That will help stoke some fire back into sex and will motivate you to make it more exciting.

Tease each other.

Another great way to spice up your sex life is by working on the build-up. Sometimes, couples just go straight into bed and have sex and that is it. Try to work on your build-up before you even get into the bedroom. Try to tease each other to bring that intensity up by the time you get to bed. You can even start doing it in the morning and all throughout the day. You can send each other sexy text messages of calls if the situation allows for it. It builds up the excitement and heightens the anticipation. By the time you both get to bed, you are now pretty worked up to create fireworks with each other.


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