Top 10: Marital Problems

Top 10: Marital Problems

She’s let herself go

It happens. Some women let themselves go after they get married. Maybe they lose their incentive to stay fit once they’ve bagged a guy. Maybe they have trouble bouncing back after having a baby. There are numerous explanations, but if her physical unfitness is killing your libido, you have to do something about it. Try working out together; take up an activity like cycling or biking. And before making any comments about her weight, you might want to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror too, Bucko.

The in-laws

Whether it’s your nosy mother, or her mooch of a younger brother, in-laws can introduce some serious tension into your relationship. Recognize that it’s very easy for you to be critical of her in-laws, but not as easy to see the stress your family causes her. Yes, it’s entirely possible that your family is totally normal and hers is completely insane, but the more likely scenario is that your family is nuts too and you’ve just built up an immunity to their particular brand of craziness. Just try to remember before you make a fuss about going to her aunt’s for dinner, that your cousin comes over every Saturday to watch the game. Be respectful of her family time and she’ll be respectful of yours.

I wanted to comment on these two issues in marriage. The first one, “Letting yourself go!” this is a huge no no! Come on guys and girls, marriage is an institution where you get to have sex with one partner for the rest of your life. Make it fun and enjoyable for your partner by staying fit. No one fantasizes about someone over weight or sloppy. Respect yourself and your mate by staying in shape for each other. Have a goal to be the sexiest mate. The commitment of a partner deserves just that!

Second, “The in Laws”, everyone needs to understand that it is your job to protect your partner when it comes to in laws. Just because you were raised with this person and you can deal with their negativity does not mean your partner has too! Besides, you are the one who married, not your family. Respect your partner and make sure everyone else does too.

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



  1. Well,things can be wrong in a relationships regardless of who you are in a relationship.First of all,to make or have a good relationship you have to know yourself first.What do you want in your life?Do you want to be somebody by not dominating other people for your own gain ? What about boundaries,do you know your limits in your relationships and are you respecting boundaries of others?What about equality,are you treating others as equal?If your answer to these questions have No answer then I think you have a problem in building a good relationship.If your answer to these questions are “Yes” answer,you may not need to visit is my opinion only.Thanks for reading.

  2. I agree with you Dawn. “Letting yourself go” is a big mistake in ANY relationship!

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