Top Complaints In An Unhappy Marriage

Top Complaints In An Unhappy Marriage

A happy marriage takes work. Husbands and wives need to have the discipline to make the relationship succeed by continuously working at it. But there are times when one partner may not be giving the same effort as the other. This can result into conflicts and disagreements. There might be complaints regarding the relationship that makes either partner unhappy. Here are the top complaints from people who do not feel happy about their current marriage.

Lack of Romance and Intimacy

Life can get in the way of a relationship sometimes. Focus may turn to family and the kids instead of the relationship. The husband or the wife will yearn for the romance and intimacy that seems to be no longer there. But mind you, the love and romance still exist; they only got neglected along the way. For a successful marriage to work, couples need to keep that romance and intimacy a top priority in the marriage. It should not take less priority over other equally important aspects of the couple’s lives.

Lack of Time

The other problem and complaint that unhappy couples may have is lack of time. Couples may become so busy in their careers or taking care of the kids that the relationship as husband and wife sometimes takes a backseat. Partners reason out that they are keeping busy to keep the family happy. But as a couple, it may be doing the opposite. Spending less and less time with each other can cause husbands and wives to slowly drift apart. If they do not find time to spend as a couple and try to revive the relationship, it will just get worse. Couples should try hard to schedule time in their busy lives for each other. It is one way to keep the relationship going.

Feeling Under-appreciated

A husband or a wife requires support and appreciation now and then. There are times when they feel down and stressed out. If one partner is not there to provide support, it can only get worse. A partner may begin to feel unappreciated. It can come from a lot of things- not appreciating one’s efforts, neglecting displays of good intentions and not giving credit where it may be due, among other things. It is important for couples to always remember the important of giving positive feedback, especially towards one another. It can help boost morale and eventually help keep the relationship happy and fulfilling.

No More Fun And Excitement

Relationships start out with a high level of excitement. Couples are excited on what the future may bring. But once marriage gets into the picture, the fun and excitement sometimes goes down. There is this general perception among many married couples that marriage is the ultimate climax of a relationship. It has nowhere else to go. That is why some married couples feel unhappy about the relationship because they feel there is no longer something to look forward to. It is important to break this perception about marriage. Fun and excitement can still exist in a happy marriage. Couples can consider it as an adventure that they can go through with eagerness. Wrong perceptions can sometimes murk up the situation. It is one of those things that couples need to change.


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