Understanding Common Marriage Myths

Understanding Common Marriage Myths

Many marriages may not end up the happily ever after route. It may sometimes be based on certain principles that couples learn to follow along the way. Some of them may be through what they see firsthand from parents and other couples. Some they hear as advice or from word-of-mouth. Unfortunately, some of the things they believe regarding marriage turn out to be nothing more than myths. Here are some of the common ones couple should know about.

Arguments can destroy a marriage.

While fighting and arguing may cause conflict and resentment towards couples in a relationship, it does not always result in a breakdown of the relationship. Arguments are normal in a marriage. It is a way for couples to let out certain relationship issues with each other. Keeping these issues a secret can sometimes be more damaging to a marriage. It is how couples respond to arguments that matters. Some couples use the arguments as a reason to stray apart. Others use it to strengthen their relationship.

You marry your Mr. or Ms. Right.

Some people just cannot think enough about marrying Mr. or Ms. Right. If their relationship or marriage does not work out, they blame it on not finding the perfect person for them. Here is one thing that people should realize- there is no Mr. and Ms. Right. It is just a product of one’s high expectations in a partner. Many will realize that it is impossible to find the perfect partner. Each person you meet has his or her good and bad sides. They always come with the territory. It is how partners work and accept both that makes a relationship or marriage work.

Couples will grow closer over time in a good marriage.

Some may think that married couples grow closer to each other over time. But it is not something that just happens. Couples still need to work in order to make the marriage a success. Just simply being together will not cut it.


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