What is Marital Rape?

marital rapeSpousal rape is a term used for a non-consensual sex assault where the person committing the assault is the victim’s own spouse. Spousal rape can also be committed if the attacker is the woman’s ex-husband. There are a lot of women today who go through such a horrible experience and yet try to remain quiet about it.

Why a man can abuse his wife?

Spousal rape still remains quite a problem both for the victims as well as the process of trying to serve justice to the perpetrators. The reason lies on the common belief that the woman surrenders consent to her partner once entered into a marriage.

The widely view that husbands are lord over their wives make spousal rape quite difficult to prosecute. Although most countries and the Western world has made this type of rape a criminal offense with certain limitations, still a lot of countries that do not consider spousal rape as a criminal act.

Another reason why spousal rape continues to be a hidden problem in the society is because of wives not wanting to report such crimes. Some are just not aware that such type of rape done by a husband or partner is wrong.

There are still a lot of women who believe that some fail to tell anyone of the rape they experienced out of sheer embarrassment. Threats from husbands and the fear of losing or breaking the family up and the effect it will have on the children can prevent a lot of women from reporting the rape and prefer to remain silent about it.

How a man can abuse his wife?

There are different ways in which a man can abuse his wife and commit rape.

The common way would be by trying to harass, threaten or bully his wife into submitting.

Another way would be waiting until his wife is tired or asleep before doing what feels he needs.

In both cases, respect for the woman is absent and this can demean and cause the woman to lose pride in herself. Spousal rape can cause certain psychological trauma to the wife including low self-esteem, insecurity, loss of self-respect, etc.

What women should do?

For women who are victims of spousal rape, the only way to let it stop is by telling someone who can be trusted. Just wishing that such an experience won’t happen again would not do it since such instances do happen a second or many more times.

Talking to a trusting friend is one of the first steps into coping up with spousal rape. Talking can help uphold a woman’s self-preservation as well as self-respect. Women should realize that such experiences do not happen to everybody and that spousal rape is a violation of one’s own rights.

If the rape hides behind the guise of a relationship or a marriage, women should bear in mind that both require love, care and consideration. The rape does not belong in a happy marriage in any way.


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