Changing Your Name After Marriage

marriageTraditionally, a woman takes her husband’s last name after getting married. It was fact. A non-issue. But now, women have issues about changing their name after they get married.

Decades ago, women were expected to be wives and mothers – not career women. Now, more and more women are becoming established in their chosen fields and have their own identity by which they are known and they choose to keep that identity – for personal and practical reasons.

For some women it is practical to keep their birth names after marriage. It saves them the trouble of having to inform clients or patients or people at work in general, that they will be called by a different name. For others, it is like losing their identity, regardless of whether she has an established career or not.

Fortunately for today’s modern women, there are options available for her.

Taking your husband’s last name

Going the traditional route. This option is most applicable to women who are still beginning to establish their career or to those who choose to become full-time wives and mothers and those who just simply do not have problems about changing their names. For those who are just starting out in their chose field, a simple email or memo should be enough to inform colleagues and business contacts about a name change.

Keeping your own name

This is mostly applicable to professional women who have established a career for themselves. Naturally they are known by their birth name. For these women, they just use their birth names at work and use their husbands’ names for everything else. Although some women claim to feel like they lead double-lives or have a split-personality.


Some women established or otherwise, just opt to hyphenate. Using their own name while acknowledging to be somebody’s life partner. A lot of actresses opt to do this. Some women say this option gives them a sense of balance.

Add your husband’s name to your own

Lately, women are opting to simply add their husband’s name to theirs. Sort of like making their birth name as their middle name. Women who chose this option say they are able to keep their identities both professionally and personally while paying tribute to her marriage.



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