How Couple Handle Religious Differences

relious differenceA marriage is a contract between two people to live as one and under one home. At most times, the couple may have their own similarities as well as differences. Sometimes it is the differences that can get in the way of a happy marriage.

One of the more serious differences that a couple may face would be that of religion. There are some couples who have agreed to get married despite their differences in the religion that they practice. This may not be so serious during the early years of the marriage. But as time goes by, the religious differences may become all the more obvious that can sometimes affect the marriage bit by bit. There are different approaches that couples can use in order to resolve their religious differences.

Do Nothing

One of the easiest approach to resolving the religious differences which can only work if the couple have their respective religions play very minimal roles in their personal lives. The couple would think that they are not that religious to spend too much time being concerned about their religious differences.


In this approach to resolving religious differences, one spouse may decide to convert to the religion of the other. This might easily help resolve religious differences but only if the conversion of the spouse is sincere and made without being pressured. Conversion will help couples avoid the friction that usually comes from strong religious differences.


When converting to another religion is out of the question, some couples with religious differences would try to compromise and just give respect to each others different religious practices. Couples may also decide to leave their respective religions and find a new faith group that they both can be comfortable with. This way, the couple may be able to find a common ground and not make religious differences that big of an issue on their marriage.


Another approach to resolving religious differences is to totally withdraw from their respective religious affiliations. This would include putting a stop into going to religious activities as well as avoiding any discussion of religion on their marriage. This may help minimize the friction that may come between couples of different religions. But it may not work all the time since a spouse may likely decide to become religiously active at some point in time which might bring back the issue of religion into the marriage.


When spouses are each brought up into a strong religious household, they might bring with them their strong religious beliefs and practices along with them in the marriage. With such a high level of commitment to their respective faith, any form of compromise may not be possible. In this case, couples may decide to resolve the issue by choosing to let each one follow their religious heritage separately. Although this might help give give couples the option to respect to each other’s beliefs, issues will later come out especially when children come into the picture.

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