Surviving the First Year of Marriage

happy coupleThey say that the bliss of getting married as husband and wife usually fades once the bills have arrived. The first year of marriage is usually the hardest because of the stresses involved, but it can be eased by investing time and resources into the relationship. If you believe in having a healthy marriage, consider these tips.

Love each other’s differences

Once you and your spouse begin to live together and settle into normal, everyday lives, quirks and characteristics not yet noticed before would start to show. Disagreements about the simple things like household chores and grocery shopping may come up. These small tribulations should not be worsen into larger problems. You need to realize that each person is different, and never try to change your partner. Instead, come to an understanding and work as a team.

Invest time in a relationship

A married life no longer has to do with "me, me, me" as everything has to be about "both of you." Marriage takes work. Intimacy can take time and effort to grow, which can be achieved by spending quality time together. It can be about cooking dinner together, working in the yard, or just sitting across from each other having a conversation.

Make alone time important

Quality time as a couple may be important, but individual time should not be ignored completely. Take some time alone to reflect on the relationship while having a quiet time praying or simply meditating. Also, you and your spouse may prefer different hobbies and quiet time activities. It is important to balance alone time and quality time as a couple.

Learn together

Read together some books on relationships. Learn new relationship skills about communicating better or resolving conflicts. With new knowledge about how to handle relationships, conflicts are resolved more effectively. Couples should also look into attending marriage seminars, counseling, and other relationship workshops together.


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