The Secret to a Lasting Marriage

happy coupleMarriage is a traditional contract made by a man and a woman in order to formalize their relationship. Just like any other contract, both parties need to work together in order to make the marriage last.

As a relationship borne out of love for each other, it is the duty of both partners to nurture and maintain a healthy relationship in order to make the union lasting enough. Failure of one partner to do so will usually lead to a troubled marriage.

A marriage thrives on a relationship of agreement and respect between the husband and the wife. Aside from the love that they feel for each other, both partners should work hand in hand to make sure that the relationship remain strong at all times. Here are some important tips that might help couples keep their marriage alive and strong.

One of the most important ingredients to a lasting marriage is good communication. Couples should be able to establish open communication lines with each other. It is not merely a means of expressing oneself but also as a means to discover and know about the feelings of the other partner.

In a marriage with good communication, husband and wife learn how to give and take in conversations with each other. When one speaks, the other party listens and vice versa. It is not good communication for both to speak at the same time.

Along with good communication, acceptance of each others strengths and weaknesses is important in a lasting marriage. Spouses should not expect their partners to change just for the sake of the relationship. Change can happen gradually over a period of time, but it should not be forced.

It is not part of process to try and change a partner into something that one wants. That would not usually work and may even be a cause of tension and friction between married couples. It is better to instead accept a partner for who he or she is. Try to appreciate and respect each other’s qualities, both good and bad.

Forgiveness is also an important ingredient of a lasting marriage. Learning how to forgive faults and not letting it affect the marriage as a whole can be a trait that most couples fail to have. Failure to forgive usually leads to bitter resentments, hurt and rejection that can eventually lead to a failed marriage.

Learn how to forgive when a partner is at fault. Nobody is perfect and couples should know about that as they learn to accept their partners. Although it might be difficult for some people to do, forgiveness would usually lead to healing and a more lasting marriage.

Making a marriage last take a lot of effort. Time should be invested in a marriage and it should be given top priority in order to succeed. It is a continuous process of discovery, acceptance and respect that will make the relationship an enriching one. For some people, marriage must be a risky undertaking, but the experience itself is worth all the risk, given the right reasons.


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