Time Management for Newlyweds

young coupleSome newlyweds get tempted into missing their singlehood, especially during the time when they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.  With their married life, they also need to devote their time with their spouse, but sometimes they end up giving too much time to the point that they have forgotten about themselves.

Determining how to divide time between one’s self and the married spouse is a delicate exercise that requires patience, understanding, diplomacy, and even sympathy.  Here are some suggestions that you can do in order to balance your personal time, work time, and family time.

Monitor how you spend your day

Determine how many hours you spend working, with your spouse, with other family and friends, and all by yourself.  Keep a journal and log in each activity and the amount of time you spend on each for a week.  Seeing your day’s schedule on paper can help you realize on what you have been focusing, as well a giving you a chance for reflection.

Analyze your satisfaction

Determine how happy or satisfied you are with the schedule, or see if you need to spend more time on something.  Should you be working more?  Are some chores stealing too much time from you?  Are you sleeping enough?  Realize that you need a well-balance schedule that perfectly suits your healthy lifestyle.

Share your schedules

Have you spouse log his or her daily activities for a week and exchange these logs to determine if both feel contented with the amount of time you spend with each other, as well as how you spend it.  Devoting time with each other is needed the fire in your relationship alive, otherwise you would only take each other for granted and risk growing apart.

Take action

See how you can improve your schedule.  There is no magic formula how to do it, as different individuals have different schedules.  Determine where you can make cutbacks and where you can add an hour of two in spending with the things that you lack (whether it is with your spouse or with yourself).  Make sure that your schedule matches your priorities.

Set rules for yourself

Come up with ways to cut down on the time it takes to complete chores that take too much of your schedule.  In that way, you can spend more time relaxing or even making love to your spouse.


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