Are You Astrologically Compatible with Your Mate?

astrologyRelationships often end because of irreconcilable differences. In simple term, having irreconcilable differences with your partner means that you are not compatible with each other.

This is evident when your needs are very out of line with your partner’s. Some lovers are demanding and possessive, while others are trusting to their partners and open to all sorts of possibilities. There are a whole lot of issues that lovers disagree upon. While these may be attributed to their individual differences, it may also be explained through astrology.

Astrology deals with the alignment of the stars and the planets. It seeks to relay how these alignments can affect an individual’s life through the twelve zodiac signs.

The people under these signs may be categorized as either an introvert or an extrovert, depending on the four elements they belong to, particularly, Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Fire and Air Signs tend to be extroverts while Earth and Water Signs tend to be introverts. Do these things have an effect on your relationship with your partner?

Fire Signs

Aries- Aries hates to be tied on a short leash. They neither want to be possessed nor controlled. It is ruled by Mars, the God of War. A such, the Aries individual is expected to be a little feisty and is courageous enough to fight back when the need to do so arises.

Leo- Leos are loyal to a fault but they will also demand the same loyalty from you. They are also warm and accommodating people. Leos are insistent and dependent individuals.

Sagittarius-Sagittarians are candid, spontaneous people who cannot be restrained. Sagittarians are natural and unrestrained, too. They put the highest significance on their personal freedom.

Air Signs

Gemini– Geminis easily get bored. This sign is ruled by Mercury the messenger. It reflect its ruling planet by giving high regards for communication. Geminis are always on the phone, always talking to their partners. The need to keep the communication lines open is an imperative for Geminis.

Libra– Libras thrive in commitment matters. They also easily get attached to their partners. A one-on-one relationship spells fulfillment for them. This sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. They are very loving towards their partner. Aside from this, they are also fair-minded.

Aquarius– Aquarian lovers are very independent. In fact, they are the most independent among the twelve signs of the zodiac. Aquarians prefer the company of many over the quality of one.

Earth Signs

Taurus– Taurus people are often vain. They invest on beauty to attain a sense of security and stability from their partners. They are also very possessive partners.

Virgo– Virgos are relatively dependent on their partners. They can manage on their own, but they insist on making their partners part of their daily routines. Virgos love to please their partners.

Capricorn– Capricorns are goal-oriented persons who like to have their priorities straight. They are responsible, too. They are not keen on spending every waking moment with their partners because they are often preoccupied with school or with work, but Capricorns are possessive as well. They know what is theirs and expect things to remain that way.

Water Signs

Cancer– Cancer is family-oriented. This moon-ruled sign is heavy on permanency. They do not like adapting to change. They are the type who enjoy classics. Cancers are very serious when it comes to the relationships that they establish with other people. They are also sensitive and emotional.

Scorpio– Scorpios are control freaks. They do not enjoy surprises at all. Scorpios feel deeply and intensely about their partners, however, they find it really hard to trust other people. Scorpios can also be vindictive with their enemies.

Pisces– Pisces are not possessive people. They are often wrapped up in their own fantasies, which is due to the problems they have with their self-worth.

We cannot choose the person we want to fall in love with. That is an understatement. But astrology can still be of value to you because it can help you learn to accept and to cope with the differences you have with your partner.


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