Are You Not Ready For A Relationship?

Are You Not Ready For A Relationship?

People may have different ideas on what an ideal relationship should be. Some may be on point while some may have the wrong notions. But what is more important is when a person is ready to be in a relationship, both for the first time and after a failed one. Others may think they are but may actually be not ready. Here are some signs to determine if a person is not yet ready to go into a relationship.

Not Yet Over The Previous Relationship

Some people may find it hard to get over a failed relationship. They may still be thinking about an ex and they can’t help it. Breakups can really be tough and former partners can be difficult to let go. A person still at this stage may not yet be ready to start another relationship to replace the failed one.

Thinking That Having A Partner Is A Must

True, people may feel alone in life. But others who feel that their lives are incomplete without someone by their side may not actually be ready for a relationship. Thinking that you need another person to complete your life and become happy may be expecting a lot. It can even be a sign of a low self-esteem. To have a healthy relationship, you should not look at a partner as a crutch that you greatly depend on in order to stand up. You can actually stand on your own two feet for that.

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