Common Behaviors That Kill Relationships

Common Behaviors That Kill Relationships

Many relationships live or die by the impact of certain human behaviors. How couples behave can determine whether their relationships can survive and last or if it cannot stand the tests and trials of life. There are certain human behaviors and traits that can ruin relationships. Here are some of them.

Insecurity or the lack of self-esteem can have a destructive effect on relationships. Insecurities can have an impact on many aspects of the relationship. Low self-esteem in one partner can sometimes affect the other in terms of actions and decision-making. Insecurities can also lead to unnecessary jealousy that can cause serious issues regarding trust. Insecurities over earning capacity can cause fights over money and other financial issues.

Being stubborn can have an effect on a relationship. It is a trait that can arise from pride. It is not willing to give in to the other, no matter how rational or logical the other party may be. It is trying to stand on one’s beliefs, opinions, decisions and others without regard for a partner’s feelings, beliefs, opinions, etc.

Sometimes other behaviors can cause frustration and resentment in couples. It takes some time for the conflicts to develop. Resentment can do this in any relationship. It may start out as petty annoyance with a partner. Over time, it can grow into resentment that can develop into hate. And when it does, relationships start to crumble and fail if the feelings are not resolved.


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