Factors That Determine True Love

7When it comes to true love, people either have it or they do not. In every relationship, you can determine if you already found true love or you do not. Some may say that true love is something that you cannot find, only feel. But there are certain factors that will help you determine if you have finally found true love in your relationship. Here are some of them.

You both have passion for each other.

Passion is a deeper attraction that you feel for your partner. It is both physical and sexual attraction for your partner that consumes your whole being. You also feel that you need the feelings to be reciprocated in the same way. If you have this feeling of obsession, then you have passion running through you.

You experience deeper intimacy.

Aside from passion, you can determine true love if your relationship develops a deeper kind of intimacy towards one another. Intimacy is something that couples develop over the time they spend with each other. Along the way, a deeper kind of intimacy breeds trust and a sense of safety being with each other. In order to achieve this, it takes effort from both partners.

They are committed to the relationship.

Once passion and intimacy is there, the relationship can only go deeper if both agree to a commitment to stay together no matter the circumstances. It is a promise to stay intimate with each other even through the challenges and trials that the relationship may go through. If couples have approached into a relationship where these factors exist, then there is a good chance that the couple has found true love.


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