Getting Rid Of Relationship Insecurities

Getting Rid Of Relationship Insecurities

Relationships can sometimes become a success or a failure based on a couple’s mindset. It can be unavoidable that some partners can feel certain insecurities that can have an effect on their relationship. Such insecurities can be based on wrong assumptions that people need to let go of if ever they expect their relationship to flourish and succeed. Here are just some of those assumptions.

It is all about you.
Insecurities usually just come out because some people think about how certain things will affect them. They all center all the reasons on themselves. When a partner does not feel like going out, the other feels that he or she has done something wrong. When one’s partner becomes silent, the other feels that it has to do with him or her somehow. But sometimes, certain things happen that are outside of each partner’s influence. That is why it is not always right to focus on certain circumstances to what one may have done. Try to stop thinking that everything revolves around you and you can let go of certain insecurities in the relationship you may be having.

One is right and the other is wrong.
Another false assumption that leads to insecurities in the relationship is that in every argument, one partner is right and the other is wrong. This is not always the case when dealing with certain issues that affect the couple. It can develop into a mindset that the right one becomes the authority while the other becomes the one a level lower. Trying to maintain this dynamic on everything can cause insecurities to develop. Sometimes, certain issues can have both partners neither right nor wrong. Trying to let go with the winner and loser mindset in a relationship can help a lot in trying to let go of many insecurities.

You can’t live without each other.
While having someone to spend your life with is a wonderful ideal, that mindset that you cannot live life without the other may actually not be doing your relationship any good. Being highly dependent on each other can lead to many insecurities in the relationship. It is a mindset that can limit what each partner may still be capable of doing. It is not true that life ends when one relationship ends. It just feels that way. In fact, people can very well learn to live on their own once they realize it. Cherish your relationship with each other. But do not let it make you think that your life only revolves around it.


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