Going On Double Dates Can Reignite Passion With Your Partner

Going On Double Dates Can Reignite Passion With Your Partner

When you feel that your relationship is dull, you might wish to go on an intimate date with your partner to try and reignite the passion. Every relationship can go through this course. Going on a date may just be one solution to help start off getting your relationship heated up. But a recent US study suggests that instead of an intimate candle-lit dinner, go on a double date.

Researchers from Wayne State University in Detroit enlisted 150 couples who were paired up and then were instructed to ask and answer questions categorized as either small talk questions or deep and probing questions that researchers call as “high disclosure Fast Friends.”

Results showed that couples who were assigned to the high disclosure activity also reported a higher levels of passionate love for their partners following the meeting, as compared to couples who only engaged in small talk. In addition, the couples became more responsive to their new friends. Couples started sharing personal information in a caring and positive way. The researchers noted that each couple then felt more passionate about their own relationship.

According to the researchers, striking a friendship with another couple and sharing relationship experiences can help them view their relationship and their partners in a new light. The results of the study were presented in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference in Austin this February. So if you wish to reignite that passion in your relationship, try going on a double date with other couples or even your friends who are also couples. Sharing your personal relationship experiences as couples will give you new insight and appreciate your relationship and your partner more


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