Hidden Hints of Lying Men

man embarassedWomen would want to have trust in their men. But there are many times that their instincts may tell them that their partners may be lying. They try to find out by trying to look for hidden clues. Here are some other hints that women should look out for that may tell them if a man is lying.

Pause Before An Answer

Women may sometimes ask their partners a question and get an answer that they may doubt to be true. One way to find out if it is a lie is by sensing a pause before they answer. Answering a simple question preceded by a long pause may be an indication that the man may be lying.

Hands In Pockets

When a man may be talking with his hands inside his pockets, this might suggest that he might be hiding something, according to body language experts. This might indicate that he is feeling nervous about something and it is up to women to find out why.

Men Can’t Tell Lies Another Way

Men who lie tend to make up stories that they can easily tell in a certain order. They can usually be caught by having them tell it in a different order of events. A lie may be discovered if the re-ordered story does not come up identical to the original one.

Legs Tell The Story

Men may also be caught lying by their legs while sitting down. When their legs seem to wrap around the legs of the chair or stool, it may be an indication that they are purposefully hiding something. This sometimes may be the truth and women may need to find out what that is.

Some of these signs may not usually be considered that men may be lying outright. They serve merely as various indications that men may be hiding something from women at certain instances. It is not something that women should instantly take in a negative way when they see it.

What women should first be doing is to try to find out what the men are hiding instead of branding them liars at the first instance. Taking in all the factors should be considered first and foremost before coming with the conclusion.


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  1. Really, I didn’t know that. Well know I know how to get away with some lies.

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