How To Avoid Student Teacher Relationships

student teacher relationshipsIt’s important to note that the school is a place where students learn and interact, with the goal of becoming a better and smarter person. Teachers and professors despite figures of authority must learn to control their power and devote it to educating their students.

In this present age comes the emergence of romantic relationships that bloom between teachers and students. Dating a student or teacher or professor in any school has always been taboo and is frowned upon.

A point to always consider is that students are very vulnerable to threats and that the power differential between the student and teacher is pretty obvious, which could be the reason why students chose to enter a relationship with their teacher, aside from the fact that they look up to teachers.

In most cases, students would date a teacher if they thought it will help their grade. Worse, if the relationship wouldn’t work, the student may have grounds to sue the teacher for sexual harassment.

One of the first steps of schools is by not giving after school instruction or tutoring students. This would avoid the potential for improper relationships.

Students must also be advised to refrain from the habit of meeting the teacher outside the school for lunches or dinners and taking the offer for a ride. Students must also not attempt to talk anything which relates to romantic and sexual activities.

In visiting teachers’ homes, make sure that it is an official activity sponsored by the school and not of personal reasons. Always remember that respecting authority figures doesn’t mean following them even if what they are telling you to do is wrong.


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