How to Keep a Healthy Relationship

healthy relationshipHaving a relationship is good yet at some point in time it may seem to us that relationship is in fact such a headache. To some they may have a relationship wherein they consider to be so unhealthy that they just want to end it up. Nonetheless, the truth is whatever relationship are you having with someone it will be good, healthy for you and your partner according to how the both of you handle it.

Love your Partner through Thick and Thin

Being in a relationship means we care for our partner and we want to be there for him or her whatever will happen for whatever cost. We love, Unconditionally. We do not just break up with him or her because of the way she dress, the way she sleep, he snores, his become ugly and so on. As cliché as it may sound by it is true that nobody is perfect. When we love we accept all their flaws and correct it together if it is something really serious.

Surprise and Pamper

Saying "I love you" especially for people who are in a long term relationship may already not have an effect anymore. Such word may have already become a certain habit. In this case, surprise your partner by saying or showing them that you love them in a different way.

Surprising your darling only means that you actually made a lot of effort just to show her that you love her. Pampering her with something she really wants is also a different thing. Pampering must be fluid and present at all times. This is the perfect way of showing your love one that whatever will happen I will be taking care of you and will not make anything bad happen to you because I love you.


Everyone needs to feel secure not only with their partner but also with the status of their marriage, family and needs. It is best to provide your partner and your family per se the feeling to stability not only through the emotional side of the picture but also through the realistic side of the world. This is in the sense that one must provide a roof the both of you to live with. Security for your child’s education, your future, their future and so on. Having the sense of security takes away the pressure and depression from each member of the family.

Help with the Household Chores

Gone are the days wherein women are caged at home and the only ones expected to work with regard to the household chores. Most men are indeed not used into doing the household chores because culture wise men are not expected to do the laundry and clean the bathroom while the women are.

Nonetheless, things today for women are already different. Women now are free to have their own career. Hence, it would be more stressful for them tending their career and at the same time the household chores. It is advised for men to help their wives as well. This will mean so much for her and is also one of the ways in showing her that she is important because you do not want her having a hard time.

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