How to Maintain a Relationship

relationshipsHaving friends requires time and effort on both ends to keep the bond strong. Finding true friends can be difficult. Friendships that last a lifetime are rare. That’s why it is important to know how to maintain a good friendship.


As with any relationship, honest communication is a key factor. Friends rely on each other for advice. Friends go to each other to have someone to turn to and listen to their problems, and basically just have someone to talk with.

It is important to keep communication lines open. When you make a promise, make sure that you keep your word. Many friendships are ruined because of promises that were not kept.

Friends also trust each other to keep other’s secrets. Do not tell other people your friend’s issues. Always be honest with each other. If you feel that there are things that you need to discuss with your friend, do so in order to ensure that communication lines remain open.


Be a good listener. There will be times when your friend will need someone who will listen to his or her problems. Sometimes, you don’t even have to say anything, just be there and provide a listening ear. Even if you sometime don’t agree with how he or she goes about her business, just listen – and don’t argue. That’s probably the last thing your friend needs.


As was said before, friendship takes time and effort to maintain. Friendship won’t work if only one of you is working on maintaining your friendship. Neither, you or your friend won’t be able to carry the friendship on one’s efforts alone. As with any relationship, it has to be a partnership with both parties contributing equally.

Speak up

Though friends are there to support each other, there will be times when you need to speak up in order to protect your friend. You can’t just sit by and watch your friend make mistakes. On the other hand, you can’t always go with your friend, or both of you will stumble.

If you think your friend is making a mistake, tell him or her your concerns. Be honest. Don’t scold – that’s your friend’s mom’s job. Don’t insult him or her also. Sometimes, that will only make your friend want to do that wrong thing even more.

Keep fighting to a minimum

At times when you don’t see eye to eye, don’t blow things out of proportions. Also don’t dredge up past arguments into the present situation. Talk things over calmly and with open minds, then close the situation.


Be supportive of each other. Friends should be there for each other through good and bad times. Celebrate each other’s success. Cheer each other on. Help each other get through disappointments. Give each other – and your friendship – room to grow.


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