How to Talk to Women

couple in the parkWomen are a sucker for heart-to-heart conversations. That is an understatement. They wouldn’t want to stop talking even if you tell them that you want to keep things to yourself.

Women are naturally more of a good communicator than men, especially where dealing with their thoughts and emotions are concerned. They have been taught to release pent-up emotions, or else these emotions will eat them up inside. They took this to heart, and they want you to practice it, too.

Can you? Yes, probably, but not all the time. And even during those times when you can openly talk about your feelings, it would not be easy on your part because as opposed to women, men are trained to control their emotions. They have been taught that wearing their hearts on their sleeves is a sign of weakness. For them, that is unthinkable.

So how do you deal with women when they are demanding that you to talk to them about your feelings? Here are a few options you can easily resort to if you want to avoid this situation:

Go to a bar and drink. No matter how persistent a woman is, she wouldn’t want to force you to open up to her when you are in a drunken state.

Drive to a park and space out there. Giving in to your emotions once in a while is healthy. The fact that you can do this without having to answer questions that you want to keep to yourself makes this option extra appealing.

Park your car away from home and walk. When your wife, sister or mother sees that you are very tired, she won’t demand you to discuss things.

While these options are proven effective, you cannot do these everyday. You can’t hide from the "we have to talk" conversation, too. So while you’re at it, work on toughening up your act even more. Once you exude an aura of a happy man, the female species will not guess that they have to press you for anything.



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