Human Traits That Can Damage Relationships 

Human Traits That Can Damage Relationships 

Many relationships go through certain ups and downs as it goes through its course. It is how people try to deal and handle these circumstances that will determine if the relationship can survive. Other factors also come into consideration such as common human traits that can have an impact on any relationship. Here are some of them.

Being negative.

Negativity is a trait that can seriously harm any relationship if couples do not know how to handle it. There are certain levels of negativity in each person. More than just trying to be aware of it, knowing how to handle the negativity in the relationship is more important. Couples should learn to fight off introducing negativity into the relationship to avoid its after effects. A positive mindset will work better in trying to take care of the relationship.

Too  much jealousy.

That green-eyed monster can wreck havoc into any relationship. Surging emotions arising from jealousy can cause strains in the relationship that can sometimes be based on unfounded rumors. But since the emotion during a fit of jealousy is high, objectivity can suddenly vanish and cause a rift into any couple’s strong bond. If jealousy is allowed to roam freely and affect a relationship, it will eventually cause much harm and even destroy it.

Making comparisons.

It may be human nature for people to always want something that they cannot have. But it can be a dangerous thing for relationships. It can be the basis why couples start to make comparisons between a partner and their ideal. Soon enough, partners may discover from their partners certain things that to not live up their ideals. Sometimes, they even try to look for the missing parts on someone else. Eventually comparisons start to take a sinister turn where it leads to hurt and heartache. If couples wish to avoid this from becoming a problem in a relationship, they should make it a point to avoid making comparisons of each other to certain ideals.


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