People You Should Not Go To For Relationship Advice

People You Should Not Go To For Relationship Advice

Getting valuable relationship advice can help you improve your own relationship. But it all depends from whom you get it. The best pieces of advice you get comes from the people who have been through it all, survived and live happy lives. But you should not just take advice from just about anyone who has been through it. Here are some people that are not ideal sources of relationship advice.

Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Since it is all in the past and remain friends with your ex, you think it may be comfortable asking him or her for advice on your current relationship. After all, if there is anyone who knows you better as a person, then it must be an ex. But it can be a mistake, especially if you are completely unaware that your ex still harbors some feelings for you. Maybe he or she may just be pretending that everything is all right.

Love guru on TV

You may think that following relationship advice from the so-called love experts on TV and media may be good. But before you do so, always remember that these “experts” on love and relationships is not primarily there to dispense love and relationship wisdom. They have a TV program to run and ratings to be concerned about. While they may occasionally get it right, the kind of advice they give is not always of the genuine type that will help you get through.

Friends who are still single

It would be ironic if you accept relationship advice from friends who are still single all this time. Sure, your single friends may be experts in being happy in singlehood. However, they may not be credible sources of advice when it comes to relationships.

Friends who have been married several times

It is okay to ask advice from people you know who have been through a relationship only to get burned, get back up and survive. You can get a lot of relationship insights from their experiences. But the same cannot be said for your friends who may have been married several times. It may indicate that they have not really been successful with their own relationships. The fact that they have married several times makes it clear that they do not have a good idea how to make a relationship work. Although they may have a good piece of advice to give you now and then, do not rely on them too much for relationship advice.


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