Reasons Why People Stay In Bad Relationships

Reasons Why People Stay In Bad Relationships

There are times when relationships do not work they way they should. Couples understand this and agree to part ways. But surprisingly, there are relationships that are not meant to be but still go on. Some people just do not want to stop a relationship even though it is dysfunctional and damaging to one or both parties. There are certain reasons that people have why they remained trap in such bad relationships. Here are just some of them.

Fear Of Being Alone
Some people have a great fear of ending up living life alone. They worry that there will not be anyone else to live with if they break of a bad relationship. Some would rather maintain having a bad relationship than end up alone.

Feelings Of Guilt
Some people hold on to a bad relationship because of certain feelings of guilt. It may be guilt of doing his or her share of mistakes that led to the bad relationship. Or, it can be the guilt of leaving a partner behind. These feelings can sometimes be reason enough for some people to stick it out on a relationship that is going nowhere.

Be Considered A Failure
No one wants to be branded a failure. More so, some people just want to avoid being called one like a plague. No matter how bad things are happening in their lives, they do not give up. It may sometimes be considered a good trait at the right situations. But it can be considered a stubborn decision on some. In a bad relationship, trying to stick it out no matter what the cost just to avoid failure is not always a good idea. There will come a point where all is going downhill and it takes a massive amount of patience and effort just to keep the relationship going. There will also come a point where one will eventually give up, but at a great emotional toll on everyone.

Huge Investment In A Relationship
Some people just do not want to think about giving up whenever they remind themselves of the investment they have put into the relationship. Even if the relationship is going from bad to worse, some people avoid entertaining the idea of ending it because they feel that all they have invested, time, emotions and even money, will all go to waste. Breaking off the relationship is out of the question for them, no matter if the bad relationship continues to drain almost everything out of them.

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