Reasons Why Some Relationships Fail To Develop

shutterstock_131372453There are relationships that start out well during the first few meetings, only to sputter in the end. Many relationships fail to take off like what most people would have initially expected. Many reasons may come into play that can lead to this. Here are some of them.

Making Comparisons To Past Relationships

One of the reasons why some relationships may fail to take off is due to a person’s experiences from past relationships. At the start of a new romance, some people may begin to compare it to their past relationships. The new developing relationship is at risk of being on the chopping block. Some people lose interest, especially if it does not measure up to previous romantic experiences. And so any new relationship is shut down even before it can ever start.

Misunderstanding The Other Person

Many relationships fail to launch because of a simple case of miscommunication and misunderstanding. At the early stages of the relationship, two people begin to know more about each other. They get to learn about each other’s similarities and differences. But sometimes along the way, the differences may get the better of them. They may fail to respect each other by what they do not have in common. It can be a source of misunderstandings that can break up a relationship.

Living In A Fantasy

There are many cases where relationships bust out even before they can develop because of unrealistic expectations. There are people who make the mistake of trying to expect too much from the relationship. They try to create a certain ideal of what a perfect relationship should be. Their expectations can sometimes be too unrealistic. Instead of trying to work it out in the present, they have many plans ready for the future. The overwhelming expectations can cause the doom to a new relationship.

A Winning Attitude

Being a winner can sometimes cause harm in a new relationship. Some people have a strong desire for winning and competition. Their objective for getting into a relationship is all about “winning the girl” or “getting the guy”. Once they achieve that, they no longer know how to keep the relationship going. They have no idea on how to build the foundation for a strong relationship or even know how to proceed. In the end, they still fail in the relationship game.


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