Relationship Myths And Realities

Relationship Myths And Realities

People have several preconceived notions about relationships. It is set in their mindset that relationships should follow an ideal. There is that something they expect from the romantic relationships they develop. But sometimes, these expectations are too far from reality. In the end they get frustrated and fail to make the relationship grow. Here are some relationship myths and the realities behind them.

Myth 1: People should be looking for an epic love story.
When some people talk about their relationships, some hear about stories that are just stuff of legends- how they met while in the splendor of Niagara Falls, how he swept her off her feet literally, how he rode on a horse and in full body armor to rescue his damsel and more. People become fascinated by such love stories and expect their own relationship to go through something of the sort. But in reality, some relationships develop in a normal and sometimes boring way, and still they become successful. What you need to strive for instead is a healthy relationship rather than searching for your epic love story. Remember, if you base your relationships on drama, it may sometimes end up in tragedy because it may not have a solid foundation.

Myth 2: Relationships will make you happy.
People who are looking for relationships are searching for something that fills a certain void. They need to find fulfillment to make them whole or complete. Once they get it, they believe that they will get happiness. In a way, this leads people to expect that they will be happy once they get into a relationship with someone.

The truth is a romantic relationship alone will not make you happy. Even your partner will not always be able to provide that. The only lasting happiness you can get is what and how you feel within yourself. You should not associate your happiness with your partner. It is up to you to find out what really makes you happy. What you can do is share that happiness with your partner and make the relationship grow.

Myth 3: Two becomes one in relationships.
A lot of people commonly hear about this with regards to relationships. It is said that when two people come together, they become one. In certain aspects, it can be true. But it should not come to a point where two people change become too similar to each other.

A key ingredient of a good relationship is what one partner can contribute to the relationship. It is the distinct traits that each partner offers to the table that actually can make a relationship work. Even in a relationship, partners still need to keep their personal identities distinct from each other. After all, relationships form because two people get to know and love each other based on these distinct identities. Trying hard to change that identity in order to become “one” with your partner can sometimes work the opposite effect and can actually do harm to a relationship.


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