Role Of Humor In Relationships

Role Of Humor In Relationships

Laughter is the best medicine, so they say. And it might be true, as studies reveal that laughter can have positive effect on health and wellness. Laughter can relive stress and tension, elevate a person’s mood and can even boost energy levels. But does this also bode true for relationships? Can humor help keep relationships stronger over time?  

The role of humor in relationships cannot be downplayed. Its benefits to relationships cannot even be considered as a laughing matter, with some pun intended. It can help relationships in many ways other than keeping each partner happy and smiling all the time. Couples can use humor in many ways to help the relationship. Although humor should not be considered as the miracle cure for all of every relationship’s ills, it can be used as a tool to help overcome some relationship difficulties from time to time.

Humor To Diffuse Tension

Couples can make use of humor to relieve the tension partners may be feeling. When tension prevents two people from resolving their problems, there is always humor to diffuse the situation and keep each other smiling and laughing.

Humor To Handle Conflict

Relationships can come with disagreements and conflicts once in a while. But if couples are not careful enough, these conflicts can eventually cause the relationship to breakdown. But before that happens, there is always humor to inject into an otherwise difficult situation. Once both partners know how to laugh again, they may feel more open to each other. They can become more agreeable to trying to resolve the conflict when couples are in a lighter mood.

Humor To Keep Things In Perspective

When couples become too serious, problems become overwhelming. Some situations look bleak and hopeless sometimes. But when there is humor, it is easy for people to realize that certain problems may not be that hopeless after all. Laughter has the ability to help lighten up any mood and change any surly perspective. It can change a depressive situation into something light and full of life. It is this ability that helps make humor a good relationship tool.

Humor To Build Resilience

Humor can also be used to overcome the pressure of problems and setbacks. Laughter can make people think that everything is not as difficult as they seem. It helps people become more resilient in times of trouble. With this added trait, couples become more capable of overcoming hardships together, weather the disappointments and fight back from adversity.


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