Secrets Most Happy Couples Keep

7Happy relationships are borne out of a number of factors. It is always up to the couple to find their own way of being, and staying, happy in the relationship. Most happy couples always have something in common. Here are some of them.

Strong Foundation

One of the reasons why many relationships stay string and happy is because of having a good foundation. A relationship that started with friendship ends up successful because of the many years the two people have spent together before they even became a couple. It helps develop their feelings arrive at the right level of maturity. It also helps couples take stock of their feelings and emotions to each other before entering into the relationship. By the time they become a couple, they are already sure and happy about making the decision. It is the right recipe for a strong bond and a happy relationship.

Open Communication

Happy couples also know how to air their grievances with each other. They know how to resolve conflicts and disagreements even before they get worse. This is only possible when couples are open in communicating with each other. This means not only saying the right things, but also saying what is right, even it if hurts.

Full Of Surprises

Complacency and predictability can sometimes make a relationship go stale over time. Happy couples know that surprises help keep feeling alive and the relationship exciting. That is why couples try to add that recipe of surprise and unpredictability into the relationship. Going beyond the routines can help keep the excitement in a relationship, enough to make it happy.

Respect For Space

Happy couples know that they sometimes need to have time for themselves. They need to pursue their individual dreams apart from making the relationship strong. Successful relationships are based on couples respecting each other’s space. They do not try to become obstacle for their partners trying to achieve a dream or succeed in a career, just as long as it does not have a serious effect on the relationship.


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