Secrets of Happy Marriages

Secrets of Happy Marriages

A marriage is expected to be a lifelong commitment between people to stay in a relationship. But today, it is rare for married couples to stay together for the rest of their lives. It may be because of the convenience of divorce laws, changing moral behavior or others, but statistics of marriages going the distance is decreasing. But it is still possible for couples to stay married for life. The key is knowing how to stay happy. A happy marriage is the secret towards making it a lifetime commitment. Here are some secrets that most happy marriages share.

Make your partner feel loved.

One secret among happy married couples is that they make it a point to show to their partners their love. They do not simply say it. They try to show it. Partners learn how to make their partner “feel” their love. They make it a point to assure their loved one that he or she can be secure in the relationship. They express it through actions and not just through words.

Do not put blame on each other.

Conflicts worsen because couples sometimes heap blame on each other all the time. This can build up resentment towards each other so much that it can widen the gap between couples over time. One secret of happy couples is that they avoid putting the blame on each other for the issues and problems that happen in the relationship. Instead, they try to find solutions and resolve the issues together.

Happy couples fight fair.

Couples do find themselves in conflict at one time or the other. This can happen even to the happiest of married couples. But the difference is that happy couples know how to fight fair. They do not go beyond arguing about the issue. They do not resort to hurling hurtful words or criticisms towards each other just to make their points known. They only focus on the issue and on the issue alone.

Make decisions together.

A marriage requires two people working together to be successful. This also means making decisions together to make it work. Couples should avoid making their own decision without the other knowing about it. It can only lead to confusion and conflict. Take the time to talk things together before making any decisions.

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