Secrets That You Should Not Keep In Any Relationship

Secrets That You Should Not Keep In Any Relationship

Couples should be open and honest to another in order for the relationship to be successful. While there are certain secrets that they can keep to themselves, it can sometimes be a cause of disagreements over time. A partner may have the heart to forgive, depending on what the secret is. Here are some secrets that couples should try not to keep from each other in a relationship.

You kept a secret from your past.

Most of us have gone through crazy times during college or during our younger years. Some of them might have gotten you into trouble. Now, you are embarrassed about it that you try to keep it a secret from your partner. If it was a scandalous picture from the past, it may likely find its way into today’s social networks. It may no longer be an easy secret to keep. And if you can, try to tell your partner about it yourself as a regrettable experience in your past. It is better than if your partner finds out about it from others.

You are faking your way in the bedroom.

Over the course of your relationship, you may find yourself spending less time in bed. You either might be busy or stressed with either work or family life. You have developed a habit of “faking it” in bed. You should try to avoid hiding the fact if you feel that you are not satisfied or excited in bed. For all you know, your partner may be thinking that he or she is doing it right. Telling him or her that you have been faking it for several years can totally hurt your partner’s feelings. Try to find a way to make your bedroom romps exciting again instead of simply trying to fake the experience just to get it over with. Do not forget to share what your feelings with your partner with regards to this.

Making secret personal purchases on credit cards.

One of the major point of conflict among couples is money and finances. Partners need to be open to each other on how they use, or save up money. That is why having secrets about personal purchases that the other does not know about can be very devastating. It can be a very sensitive secret that can cause a strain or loss of trust in the relationship.

You have been secretly drinking or smoking for stress release.

Everyday life can affect relationships in different ways. Some may end up having a drinking or smoking problem when coping up with the stress. It becomes a serious issue if one partner is hiding this habit from the other. Just the fact that one is not letting anyone know about a problem with alcohol or other drugs can be prone to the habit developing into substance abuse. The secret only becomes obvious when one partner becomes addicted. It is better to talk through your problems with your partner or spouse and work it out together rather than trying to cope up with them the wrong way.

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