Signs Your Man Is Unhappy With The Relationship

shutterstock_149341619Relationships take a lot of work to maintain its success. Couples need to look after each other’s needs in the relationship and strive to keep each other happy. But there are times when the feelings wane for several different reasons. There are certain signs that women can look out for to see if their man is secretly unhappy with the relationship. Here are some of them.

Dinnertime is quiet.

Couples usually use dinnertime to have a good conversation. Sometimes, it is the only time for couples to catch up with what each other is doing. So when you experience dinner as quiet time instead, then there must be something wrong. Your man may not say it outright, but he may not be too happy about the relationship right now.

He is buying new electronic gadgets more and more.

Some guys unhappy with their current relationships will resort to their home entertainment systems and gadgets for some solace. When a man becomes unsatisfied in his relationship with a partner, he will try to go on a buying spree. He will be looking for and purchasing more electronics and other gizmos to keep him happy at home. You can compare it with shopping for most women. If you notice your man buying more electronic devices to play with, it might just be a surprising sign that he is not happy with the relationship.

He’s too tired of getting into arguments.

A healthy relationship has its share of arguments and disagreements. But once a man no longer bothers even to have an argument with you, it may be a sign of something else. When the man tries to stay quiet and cutting any fight short, he might be quite unhappy with how the relationship is going. It really becomes quite sad when a relationship comes to this. Your man has come to a point where he no longer wants to listen to anything you say. It is not always because he does not want to argue, but more of not wanting to hear anything at all.

He is irritating you with mundane things.

Sometimes a man becomes unhappy with a relationship because you may not be giving him any attention. You might have become very busy that your time spent with each other becomes limited. Even then, you might still be doing something else. You might be able to notice this if your partner increasingly tries to irritate you with just about any mundane thing. He asks nonsensical questions just to get any response from you. He continuously hounds you with things that become irritating. But what he is actually doing is trying to get your attention. It is important to look at these signs so that you can always determine if issues in the relationship are getting worse.


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