Text Message to Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

text messageTexting has become a social phenomenon to the point that it has affected many aspects of our lives, including our romantic relationships.  Since it is a fairly new technology, social etiquette in texting are still being created and formed.  With that in mind, what are the recommended text messages you should be sending to your romantic partner?  Here are some helpful tips.

Sweet nothings – With our busy and hectic lives, people even have a hard time picking up the phone or even send an e-mail.  However, a quick sweet message from your mobile phone like “Hope your having a great day” (whether in full or abbreviated into text speak) does wonders to your partner.

Send messages while far apart – If your romantic partner lives in a faraway city, or going to another place, sending a text message can create a surprising sense of connection between the two of you.  Make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel that you are right there even if you are miles away.

Avoid guessing – If you find your partner’s message too cryptic or vague, wait until you are communicating face to face to your partner to ask what they were talking about.  Some text messages may appear insincere or insensitive because these were delivered in a hurry, but your partner may actually mean different from what you are assuming.  Respond the cryptic text with “I don’t get it.  Let’s talk later.”

Avoid over-abbreviating text messages – Because text messages can only allow a limited number of characters, people could not help but abbreviated words and make them as short and simple as possible.  Make sure to use symbols or terms that most people would understand or even send to their text messages.  Avoid making up new texting terms on the dot because your partner might find it too cryptic.

Never text angry – If you and your partner are not in good terms, it is best to resolve your emotions through personal, face-to-face communication.  Avoid venting out your anger on your partner through texting, which some people may consider as a sign of insensitivity.

Never deliver a bad news – If you are going to break up with your partner, sending a text message may appear comfortable because you are “avoiding the drama,” but in reality is that it shows your cowardice into the situation.

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