Texting in a Relationship

textingCommunicating between relationship partners have changed rapidly especially with a fast-updating technology.  What snail mail used to be the medium of choice between lovers, it has since then shifted to telephone, cellular phones, pagers, and now it is texting.  Both men and women should learn to use texting to their advantage.

Do not guess

If you find a message too cryptic or vague, ask the sender face to face what he or she was saying.  Text messages can leave so much to the imagination that it has become easy to let wishful thinking or insecurity take over.  Instead, respond with an SMS version of "I don’t get it, let’s talk later."  Avoid your urge to analyze the matter.

Avoid over-abbreviation

An SMS message can only fit 160 characters including spaces, which is why many text messages appear to be abbreviated at times.  In doing so, you need to stick with terms and symbols that most people know and use.  Avoid making up new texting terms on the spot or you might end up sending gibberish.

Avoid flirting through texting

Unless you are perfectly honest about your feelings (plus the fact you have already seen what the sender looks like), avoid teasing using SMS. 

You might get carried away with your text-flirting that you may get carried away with the emotions towards a person whom you have yet to meet in the flesh.  The problem here is that your expectations may go high, too high that you may end up crashing once you meet your texting flirt.

Never text in an angry mood

If you feel angry or frustrated towards your partner, avoid bitching about it with your SMS.  It is best to calm yourself before picking up the phone to iron things out.

Never be rude or break a bad news

Breaking up a relationship through text may sound efficient, but it totally lacks class.  And in a hyper-connected culture, your bad reputation could spread fast.

Text sweet nothings

You an your partner may get too busy that it can be hard to pick up the phone or even send an e-mail.  Try texting short sweet nothings like "Hey, qt," "Hope ur havin a gr8 day," or "I think abt u ol d tym."

Text your partner even on long distance

If your lover is on a trip to another city or country, text your partner in order to create a surprising sense of connection between the two of you.  It gives a feeling that you are there even if both of you are miles apart.

Text before a first date

Afraid of asking out a girl you like?  Try exchanging numbers first.  Young people today tend to feel more comfortable on a first date if they had exchanged text messages beforehand. 

Keep your pre-date texts light and fun, asking about her favorite bands, movies, and places to hang out.  Then, use the info you have gathered to kickstart a conversation as you wait for your dinner date.

Respond as soon as possible

Once you get a message from your partner or date, reply within an hour or so to avoid having the other person assume that they are being ignored. 

Most people are never far from their cell phones, and a slow response can be a big turnoff.  If you do not have time to answer, reply with something like "Stuck in a meeting, will talk to you later." 

If you read a message sent over an hour ago, make sure you add "Sorry, I just got this" before adding your response.


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