Tips To Make Long Distance Relationships Survive

Tips To Make Long Distance Relationships Survive

Relationships require a certain level of closeness in order to survive. Whether it may be emotionally or physically, that closeness can be a factor for a relationship to thrive and be successful. But in long distance relationships, the physical closeness may be lacking. But that does not mean that long distance relationships cannot be successful. It is only just a matter of making it work as a couple as well as having the proper motivation and drive to make the relationship last. Here are some tips that can help long distance relationships survive.

Set up ground rules before any move.
While rules and promises in a marriage are usually made before the altar, people in long distance relationships also need to set up the groundwork before they actually make the move to do so. This means trying to agree on what and what not to do when they are apart. Studies indicate that 70 percent of couples in long distance relationships broke up after six months without setting the ground rules before going apart as compared to only 30 percent of couples in the same situation who do.

Do not isolate yourself.
Just because you are in a long distance relationship does not mean you have to shut yourself up and stay alone for the duration when you are both apart. It is also important that you try to make friends and remain sociable. This can help reduce the loneliness and boredom you will feel by spending some time apart from your relationship. You can try joining a community or groups with similar interests. Take up a hobby that you can do with friends. In a way, this can help you get through a long distance relationship.

Communicate effectively.
Effective communication is an important aspect of any long distance relationship. It is not merely finding time to talk to each other daily. The quality of your communication with each other matters more than just trying to make conversation every day. If you go for quantity, you may eventually consider it as a habit over time that you must have to go through. The excitement and the interest can sometimes die down. But if you are after communication where you aim for more substance or learn more from each other, then the interest and the likelihood you will expect spending time with each other endures.

Your motivation to make it work matters more than the distance.
Many people believe that long distance relationships will not work. But so does a number of conventional relationships. It is not merely physical proximity that makes relationships become successful. There are many other factors that come into play. More importantly, it is the couple’s personal drive to make it work that can have a substantial effect to any relationship. Given the right motivation and effort to make it work, any couple can survive having a long distance relationship become successful at it.


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