Understanding Open Relationships

Understanding Open Relationships

Getting into relationships nowadays is not as simple as it was before.  The complexities may be brought about by modern times and a fresher view of things. Technology has brought us online dating, speed dating, virtual dating and such, all of which may or may not lead to a successful relationship. There are also people who agree to have open relationships. Here are some of the things that you need to know about such a relationship.

What Is It?

An open relationship is a type of relationship where a couple in an ongoing relationship agrees to openly allow his or her partner have other relationships, romantic or other. Both partners agree not to be exclusive to each other in this type of setup. There can also be other arrangements when it comes to open relationships., it can also be that only one of the partners can go on another relationship while the other decides not to.

The Pros

And just with other relationship arrangements, an open setup can also have its pros and cons. One of the benefits of an open relationship is geared towards people who don’t believe in monogamy. Some people may feel trapped in a monogamous relationship. At least when they get into an open relationship, they know that it won’t be one.

An open relationship can also be more honest in a way. Partners do not need to hide secrets from each other with regards to meeting others. At least it will not be considered as cheating since the other partner knows and agrees to the setup.

And Cons

And while there are pros in having an open relationship, there are also certain cons that can possibly happen that will make it awkward for some. For one, there is always the risk that one partner may fall for another instead of keeping emotions in check with the other partners. There is also that bout of jealousy that one partner may have on the other, especially when the insecurities begin to take over. In an open relationship, there is always that risk of feeling hurt or betrayed in case the partner eventually chooses to opt out of the relationship instead.




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