Understanding Your Partner Feelings

couple on the beachUnderstanding the feelings of one’s partner is an important aspect of a successful relationship. Sowing the seeds of understanding when it comes to differences in terms of feelings and emotions that come between couples helps forge a certain closeness and intimacy. I

t brings a certain kind of respect with each other’s feelings that help keep the flames of love burning bright. Doing the opposite would usually lead to frequent arguments and misunderstandings between couples that may come short of another failed relationship.

It is easy for people to become aware of their own feelings and understand them. But it becomes a challenge for many trying to understand the feelings of others. In a relationship, understanding the feelings of one’s partner is an important requirement. Couples should try to consider what the other feels on certain issues and try to understand them to gain a better perspective of the relationship.

When nurturing a relationship, there has to be some sort of a middle ground for couples to handle their differences and forge an understanding that would not go over the love that they feel for each other. How they are able to do this would determine how successful and lasting their relationship would be. It is a skill that people will need to learn. It is called Empathy.

Trying to understand feelings in a relationship would require sharing those feelings with each other and having discussions over them. Seldom would a relationship come with both parties having similar ideas, beliefs and opinions on certain issues. Lucky would be couples who find themselves in such a relationship. But in the real world, differences exist. How one feels about these differences with a partner may either make or break a relationship.

Only empathy would allow a person to go beyond one’s own feelings. It is a skill that lets one enter a partner’s own world and try to feel what the other feels. Empathy would not usually lead to an agreement between partners, but it would certainly help a lot in trying to understand each other. By being emphatic, it is easier for partners to share their deepest feelings and perceptions with each other. This can help enrich their relationship for the better.

In order to develop empathy, it is essential for partners to focus and hear what the other has to say. Listening attentively and showing sensitivity with what couples have to say to each other will help give them a better understanding of each other’s feelings and perspective. Identifying with a partner’s thoughts, perceptions and feelings is the important step towards developing empathy.


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