Unusual Relationship Advice That Works

Unusual Relationship Advice That Works

Many relationships are guided by advice from experts that allow them to succeed and thrive. People who heed such advice the right way can enjoy a more meaningful and long lasting relationships. While there may be common ones that apply to a lot of couples, there are also some type of relationship advice that do not seem to make sense for couples, but they seem to work. Here are just some of them.

Spending Time Apart

While relationships are based on couples staying together. Spending some time apart may be something couples do not even think of. But in reality, spending time apart can help a relationship in many ways. People have different interests and this may apply to couples. These interests may be sources of happiness for each one. One partner may not like doing it, whether it may be a hobby, a dream, or a goal. A relationship need not cause couples to let go of them. Couples who have respect for each other will allow each other to pursue what they like to do, even if it means spending time apart.

Accepting Unresolved Conflicts

There is a common advice saying that couples should try to resolve conflicts and disagreements before going to bed. But it does not necessarily work that way. There are instances where partners in high emotional states may need to detach themselves from the issue or conflict for the night. They can go back to it the next day when they already have a clear and objective mind. There are also certain conflicts that couples need to accept will not be resolved for the duration of the relationship. Whether it may be a belief, an opinion, or a certain preference, couples need to agree to disagree on certain things.

Accepting A Partner’s Flaws

Some people will try to make an effort to change another’s flaws if they see it. While it may work if the other person is convinced that change is needed, it may not necessarily work the way couples may expect it to. Forcing one to change his or her flaws may even become worse, relationship wise. A better relationship may require couples to accept each other’s flaws and imperfections instead of trying to find ways to change it. Change must come from the individual and should not be imposed on by the partner. If a partner is not ready to change, then accepting the flaws may be a better option for the sake of the relationship.


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