Using Humor In A Relationship

shutterstock_66220714Humor is an essential ingredient to any successful relationship. Couples being able to share a laugh or two will have a higher level of bonding as compared to couples who can’t take a joke or make one. But just like any other tools that can help create a strong relationship, humor should be used properly. If not, it can also be a cause of conflicts between couples. Here are some tips on how to appropriately use humor in a relationship.

Use Humor To Lighten Up A Conflict

Injecting humor is a good way to defuse an intense argument. If used properly, it can help lighten up the mood when things start to get fiery and loud. Adding in a joke or two at the right time can help bring back that sense of connection between the arguing couple. It can help put things into a better perspective- that the argument is not worth pursuing if it does nothing more than to keep the couple apart.

Avoid Using Humor To Hide Serious Problems

There is a right way and a wrong way to use humor for the good of the relationship. A wrong way is when one tries to create a laugh in order to hide a very serious issue in the relationship. Using humor in this way can be taken in the wrong context. Your partner will see you as avoiding important relationship issues. You might not be serious enough to resolve them or face them head on. This can put further strain on the relationship.

Be Sensitive

When you do use humor, make sure that your partner understands and can laugh at the joke. Your kind humor should not, in any way, try to demean your partner, friends or family members. Make sure to be sensitive enough to know what is funny and what is not from your partner’s point of view.


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