Using Humor In Your Relationship

Using Humor In Your Relationship

Humor can do wonders in a relationship. It can help diffuse tension between partners. It can help relieve stress that can sometimes have their way of causing relationship conflicts. Humor can also help keep couples together, with laughter surrounding their happy relationship. But in using humor as a relationship tool, couples also need to treat it with some care. Humor can sometimes be used in the wrong way and can cause resentment instead of creating a stronger bond. Here are some valuable tips how you can make humor an important tool in your relationship.

Watch out for cues from your partner.
Using humor successfully will depend on how your partner reacts to what you do for laughs. Sometimes you might think that your humor does not have any negative effect. But sometimes it can. You only need to look for cues from your partner’s actions. Always try to look at your partner’s body language whenever you try to use your brand of humor. Is the smile you get natural or is it forced? Are your partner’s actions indicate that you should continue with your jokes? Your humor can be effective only when your partner gets it. you can always check out for physical cues to know whether it is doing its magic the right way, or if it is not.

Make use of inside jokes.
The funny thing about humor and relationships is that there are times when jokes seem to be only funny between couples and not with everybody else. The inside jokes are what can make your relationship become stronger. Creating inside jokes help make humor more meaningful. These jokes usually depend on a couple’s own personal experiences that make them funny. It gives couples that special feeling on knowing a joke that other people may not be aware and sometimes do not even think as funny.

Avoid mean and hurtful humor.
Many people think that humor can help relationships develop. But it is the type of humor you use that is more important. Always bear in mind that not all things funny can be good. There are jokes that, although funny, may be hurtful and mean to a partner. Beware of using such types of humor since they also have the ability to damage relationships. Be careful of how you use humor by avoiding using insults and hurtful words just to elicit a laugh.

It can be okay to be the butt of your own jokes.
Playing the fool sometimes can help make humor more effective. The joke and the punch line involves you and nobody else. Self-deprecating humor can be very effective in lightening up the mood and relieve tension while also avoiding making jokes at the expense of others. It also helps


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