What To Do When Your Partner Says, “I Need Space”

What To Do When Your Partner Says, “I Need Space”

It is one of those dreaded sentences one can hear in a relationship, “I Need Space.” Confusion, shock or disbelief may follow a person who is not prepared hearing the words. Despite this setback, one should still need to muster up the courage to focus on the issue at hand before letting emotions overwhelm the situation. Here are some tips that will help you deal with it.

Get clarifications.

Sometimes when your partner says those words, it might mean something other than what you might expect. Needing some “space” may have a different meaning. They might need space for 30 minutes or an hour to focus on something. Or maybe, they just want enough space to pursue some of their interests. In the worst case, he or she might be asking for a break-up. At least, you really get what your partner wants to tell you rather than taking a guess and be wrong about it. When your partner says something about needing some space to you, try to get clarifications. Avoid trying to interpret what they mean by it. Get into the bottom of it to know what is it that they really need by saying those words.

Stay calm and focused.

In such instances, it is important to remain calm and avoid being too emotional. Yes, those words might hurt and can cause some pain, but it is just normal. You need to stay strong and focused. More importantly, try to maintain that level of respect in the relationship. If you lose out to your emotions during this tough period, it may have a considerable impact on how the relationship may become in the future.

Respect their request.

Once you have clarified your partner’s need for space, you should try to respect their request from you. If they say they want to take a break from the relationship for the week, respect their decision. If your partner does not want to receive any text, email or any other form of messages from you, try to refrain from doing so. Try to give your partner the “space” that he or she wants. It may be a bit difficult, but it is important that you respect your partner’s wishes and avoid further conflict that would make things even worse.

Look after yourself.

You might be going through a tough time in the relationship when you hear those words, but you must not always forget about yourself. Do not dwell on it and instead invest the free time you have on your other relationships such as with your family, friends or other colleagues. Try to also give yourself a break for once and find some time to look into the situation in a positive light, even if it may be hard initially. The important thing is to look after your welfare as well and not focus on what is happening to the relationship.


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