When Your Best Friend Disapproves of Your Boyfriend

friend disapproves boyfriendWe can have many friends but a best friend is someone we cannot meet just anywhere. A best friend is someone we can really share everything with; someone with whom we can be who we really are; someone who will stick with us when everything seems so bleak and desperate. But what if your best friend doesn’t approve of your boyfriend?

Well, for starters, we have to bear in mind that even if our best friends have a major influence on us, we shouldn’t let them rule our lives. We have to assert our independence from them because we are our own persons and no matter how we look at it, we are the ones who should take the wheel. Admittedly though, seeing our best friend disapprove of our romantic relationship with the guy of our dreams is a real bummer. But don’t let it get to you. These things can be fixed.

For one, ask your best friend what he doesn’t like about your boyfriend. Then, remind him or her that your boyfriend has certain good qualities, which made you choose him over others. Once your best friend sees that your boyfriend is really "someone to reckon with", he or she will probably get around to accepting your relationship with your boyfriend.

Second, set a date where the three of you can spend some time together so that you can show your best friend how nice and caring and charming your boyfriend really is. No need to fake things, though. Just ask your boyfriend to put his best foot forward without faking things.

Last but not the least, strike a compromise with your boyfriend so that he himself will take the initiative to polish himself up for your best friend. Once your best friend sees your guy’s efforts to win his or her approval, he or she will be convinced that your guy really does love you and will take care of you the way he or she has.


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