Younger Men, Older Women: Can it Work?

couple drink champagneRelationships are as normal as M&M is to snack foods, as Nokia is to cell phones and as common as common flus are in the flu season. But what gives on a May-December involving a younger guy and an older woman, which is ablaze these days?

It’s not only Hollywood (thanks to Demi and Ashton), this kind of relationship is flaming everywhere! Just look on any personal site or community site like Facebook and Myspace, and you’ll be amazed at the comments from younger men to older women. This phenomenon certainly presents a radical paradigm shift in the girl-meets-boy game.

There are many pros to dating an older woman, but partners in this kind of relationship have their own major dilemmas as well. Here are the most common problems faced by couples and some encouraging solutions:

Family acceptance

A 27-year-old guy dating a 41-year-old woman said, "I’m very worried my family and friends won’t accept my relationship with her. I mean, I love her. But family and friends mean so much to me. What should I do?"

If you love your partner, you have to stand up for love and learn to live for yourselves. This doesn’t mean you have to cut all your connections with your family and friends. Be happy. Let them know how happy and contented you are. In time, they will learn to accept you and your partner.

Commitment and marriage

A woman in her 40s said, "We’ve been on for nearly two years and I think we love each other. The problem is, I’m ready to commit, but my younger partner isn’t ready for marriage. I’m not sure where we’re heading. Now, I don’t know if we have a future together."

Let nature takes its course. If you’re meant to be with each other until the end, then it will happen. Look at the brighter side. You’re very fortunate to have found love in your life. Feel good about that. Don’t waste one treasured second of "now" while you two are on the way getting to "then."


A 31-year-old guy dating a 39-year-old woman said, "My older partner is far more insecure and jealous than any younger women I’ve dated. She’s the most beautiful woman I know, but she seems not to see it."

Older women may see younger women as threat to your relationship. This often makes them very insecure about themselves. Reassure her through words and actions that you love her and that you’re proud to be with her.


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