Your Smartphone And Your Relationship

Your Smartphone And Your Relationship

Relationships can be affected by so many things. These factors can contribute to whether a relationship can succeed or not. Technology can even have that effect on any relationship, such as a person’s use of mobile phones.

It seems that the smartphones has become a person’s new best friend. In this day and age of modern devices, the smartphone stands out as one of today’s indispensable gadget, many people cannot seem to feel comfortable if they do not have it. It has come to a point where the device may have become a third party in any relationship. Couples now try to compete for a partner’s attention with a mobile device. It is sad, but it’s true. Smartphone use has become a big factor in a relationship nowadays. Here is how lesser screen time on your smartphone can help improve your relationship.

Better Work/Life Balance
Smartphones have made people more connected with just about everything. One glaring disadvantage is that it makes people become more connected at work as well. Due to having smartphones, it is more difficult for people to really detach themselves from their time spent at work. In the process, it is easy for people to bring their work along with them even when the need to spend their time on their relationship. Lesser time spent with a mobile phone can be advantageous to your general work/life balance. The less time you spend with your smartphone, the more time you can spend with your partner or in doing things you love to do outside of work.

Avoid Miscommunication
While smartphones have become essential tools for communication, it can also be a reason for miscommunication. People nowadays, prefer text messaging over calls and personal conversations at times. These group of texts, the time and manner they were sent, can be a possible reason for miscommunication. Text messaging has become an impersonal means people use to communicate. And for couples, it can affect a relationship in so many ways. Using less of your smartphone to communicate with a loved one through text messaging can be a good way of avoid misunderstandings that can sometimes ruin any relationship.

More Connected To Each Other
When couples decide to spend less time with their smartphones, they can become more connected with each other. Using smartphones has a certain level of irony in them. While they can connect you with other people via its technology, it also has a way of disconnecting people from each other. It can connect people from far distances, but it can also be a source of disconnect between people sitting at a table close to each other. It is in this case that less smartphone use can help promote couples to become closer and connect more with each other.


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