Know When It Is Not Love

Know When It Is Not Love

Falling in love can be quite an exhilarating experience. There is something that just makes you feel different about the way you see yourself, your partner, and the environment you created together. But on the other hand, certain feelings and emotions can also be mistaken as love. Certain situations and factors can work together to convince people that what they experience in a relationship may be love when actually it is not. It helps to differentiate between what is love and what isn’t by watching out for the signs. Here are some that will let you know when what you’re experiencing in a relationship is not love.

Becoming Obsessive

It is true that love makes you feel a certain kind of yearning for another person.  You seem to miss them a lot when they are not around. But when that yearning turns into an obsession, then what you may have may not be love. This obsession can go up to a point where you may no longer be able to focus on other aspects of your life that you begin to neglect them. When you start to focus all your attention only on the relationship all the time, then it has gone out of hand. At this point, it has become excessive to be considered as love.

Unhealthy Relationship

Some people may think that they are in a great relationship because all they wish is being together all of the time. But giving too much time on each other can also become unhealthy. You may end up spending a majority of your time solely on the relationship and less on other things like, career, family, and friends. Without some sense of balance on life, it becomes an unhealthy relationship that may not be based on love.

Feeling Desperate

It is not love if you have some level of desperation to get the attention of someone you seem to love. It can cause you to make mistakes that will end up in regret later on. Love is not about trying to experience it to the point of desperation. True love should not allow you to stoop that low. Love, the true kind, will instead offer you to retain your self-respect and self-esteem. Anything else other than that is not love.


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