10 Tell Tale Signs He is Not Mr. Right

10 Tell Tale Signs He is Not Mr. Right

Sign # 1

If he does not listen to you and continuously disregards your feelings about an issue, chances are he is Mr. Wrong. Mr. Right would take the time to hear you out and take your feelings into consideration.

Sign # 2

If he is forever yelling at you for one thing or another he is far from Mr. right. Make a stand as a woman and know that you deserve better than that.

Sign # 3

If he is not supportive of you in your work , home or anywhere else he is not Mr. Right. Mr. Right will support you, though he may not always agree with you he Will support you in what you choose to do.

Sign # 4

If he is Demeaning towards you he is not Mr. Right and he is not worth your time. You must know in your heart that you deserve to be treated with respect in all aspects of life. No one deserves to be treated otherwise in a relationship.

Sign # 5

If he is making all the plans for your future together without any input from you then that is a sure fire sign that he is defiantly Mr. Wrong. See , a relationship is about compromise and choices. If he continuously takes that away from you he need not be there. We women can do enough damage on our own we don’t need any help.

Sign # 6

If your guy is controlling in any manner then he needs to hit the road because he is Mr. Wrong in more than one way. We do not need to be controlled. We do not need to be told what to do and how to do it. There is a difference between control and advice so make sure you distinguish between the two. If he will not let you be with your family and friends , that is control. If he will not let you go to latest rave party chances are he just loves you and knows that , that party is not a good thing for you.

Here are 6 signs that I found to be the most important. Girls pay attention, and trust me if your guy does any of these he is not worth your time. I actually had to pay attention to these signs as well. The last relationship I was in, was with a guy who would always verbally abuse me. It was hard for me to say goodbye because he was so good to me in other areas, but thank the Lord I listened to great advice. Now I am dating a wonderful man who would never dream of speaking  to me in that manner.  I have had my share of relationships and you can count on the fact that I have been in your position before and know from first hand experience.

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



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