Arguments Men Should Avoid

shutterstock_146782205In any relationship, there are always arguments that can get in the way of any harmonious bonding. But conflict is considered common and even normal. The problem lies in how the couple handles each conflict. For the men, they should realize that there are some arguments that they can stand up for. There are others that they are better off avoiding. Here are some of them.

Arguments Regarding Past Relationships

Sometimes, men just can’t avoid talking about their past relationships or that of their current girlfriends. It might be insecurity on their part, but such talk can easily brew some conflict between couples. Talking bad about her ex-boyfriend will only get her to be defensive since it heavily dictates on her previous choices or mistakes. In return, talking about how good your ex-girlfriend is will create some resentment and will leave a bad taste in the mouth. Try to avoid arguing about past relationships or bring them up whenever you have a heated conflict going on.

Gender Differences

One of the things that most men argue about with their partners is based on gender differences. Some men can get frustrated how some women drive so slow, too emotional or too talkative. Every time you bring this up, you are trying to argue about women being different from men. Women may find this insulting and will get defensive with you. The problem is that such arguments will not have an easy resolution and will only get worse. The best recourse is to avoid getting into such arguments in the first place.

Her Family

Men should avoid arguing with their partners when it comes to family. Talking anything negative about family members will likely cause a backlash on your part. Blood is thicker than water after all. The best option is to avoid any arguments that include any family member from both sides.

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