Codependent Relationships

emotional manCodependent Relationship refers to a situation wherein one of the party in a relationship is unhealthy emotional dependent to the other. All relationships in fact are actually codependent but when the emotional dependency is already becoming very much unhealthy then that is where the problem starts to come in.

The term co dependence is connected to any addiction such as alcoholism and others. Yet, today’s psychologist are already using the said term in a larger perspective such as the instance wherein one’s dependency is inflicting bad effect to the other party in a certain relationship.

A good example of a codependent relationship is when a forty year old son do not have a job, still lives under his parents house and juice money out of them despite the fact that his parents also has limited source of income. The forty year old son is so much into drinking and hanging out with women. He is merely wasting his parents money and giving them more problem.

The parents on the other hand keeps on giving their child the money that he needs with the hope that he will probably change in time. The said scenario is definitely unhealthy not only for the parents but also for their child. Most people in this kind of situation also get so much into the idea that their child will change not knowing that matters won’t be settled in this way and will only get worse.

Having this particular type of relationship maybe molded at our and our child’s expense. We will not going to worry about out children finding their way to dependency or being successful because we did all necessary measures to make them strong. Everything starts from Childhood. A child’s mind is like a blank paper.

You have to write something on it so that it can have a content on it. One’s character is molded during their childhood. The way they act, talk and their perception with things starts from what they are seeing and feeling in their very environment. It is wise to expose your child with good activities such as sport, good and mature talks in the society and other activities that will make him more involve with helping people and improving himself.

Being too much dependent on someone else they say also roots from extreme depression or from a bad experience. There are people who does not want to work anymore after their partner in life left them or rather died.

Same thing goes with dysfunctional family. At this point of instance, one must not let the person who needs help be. It is best to seek for the help of a professional. In this way he or she will be able to let go of the stress that s/he is having and from there will start a new life again.





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