Common Fears Of The Commitment-Phobe Singles

Common Fears Of The Commitment-Phobe Singles

There are people who long to have a relationship and there are those who do not. Others seem to stand somewhere in the middle ground and cannot decide whether they want to get into a relationship with someone or not. Then there are those who like to be in a relationship but still fear committing to someone in the long term. They are called commitment-phobes and they have certain fears preventing them from getting the full benefits of a relationship. Here are some of them.

Fear of Being Trapped In The Relationship
One of the common fears that many people have with regard to a committed relationship is being trapped into one. They always have this concern that when they fully commit to someone for the long term, they might no longer be able to do what they want. They fear that their freedom might become limited. They worry about having regrets and never able to get out of a relationship.

Fear of Rejection
Getting into a long-term relationship may also mean becoming more open and vulnerable up to a certain level. It means having to show your “true” side that you may have been hiding out for too long. Some people are just quite scared trying to show their vulnerable self to someone. But most of all, they fear that they may be rejected for it. This can be a frightening prospect for some people that it prevents them from becoming more committed to the relationship.

Fear of Losing The Spark
For some people, their main concern is what can possibly happen after being in a long-term relationship. They fear that the relationship may ultimately get into a boring routine and will gradually cause some of the initial feelings to erode. They fear that a long-term relationship can cause that initial spark to eventually fade away in time.

Unforeseen Incompatibilities
There are people who fear what they do not know. This can also prevent some people to commit into long-term relationships. Some people fear that they may eventually discover certain incompatibilities with each other that will doom the relationship. They feel that no matter how good they know each other, some incompatibilities will likely crop up once they stay together for the long-term. They fear that this will cause the relationship to fail.

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